3 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Self-Discipline (and Thrive)

Recently, I reconnected with a fascinating woman who I hadn’t spoken to in years. With great interest, I listened to stories about her family life with three kids, a husband, a career that she loves alongside the several passion projects she has ‘on the side’.


I was taken aback and impressed by what she had managed to cultivate and continued to invest in throughout her life.

But even more so than her stories, I was deeply inspired by her energy and attitude. She radiated a sense of grounded confidence and acceptance as she talked about both the ups and the downs she’s experienced since we last connected.

Her life wasn’t without its struggles and grind, yet there was something in the manner that she spoke and reflected that felt so nourishing to witness. It was a sense of unwavering commitment to what really mattered to her and the discipline she had to prioritise it again and again and again.

This got me thinking a lot about my own relationship with discipline and commitment. As an overachiever and perfectionist, these are words that I have often felt connected to, but not always in a way that actually served my highest good and well-being.

In other words: there are ways in which self-discipline works against what you really wish to achieve.

3 ways to do it right.

With these 3 approaches, you can nurture a relationship with discipline that not only serves your highest wellbeing, but actually helps you to succeed in showing up for what you’ve chosen to commit to.

And remember, discipline should also be flexible. What you commit to must be responsive to how you’re growing and changing. You also don’t have to do it all by yourself. Recognise where self-discipline is only half of the story. For example, when trying to nurture the relationships you desire, you cannot do it alone, especially if the other person isn’t really committed to the same goals or desires.

The question to ask yourself is: Are my commitments truly helping me to be my truest, most thriving self?