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With so much on our to-do lists, finding the time and energy to truly look after ourselves can sometimes feel impossible. And with the holiday season fast upon us, you wouldn't be alone if you're already dreading that familiar feeling of overwhelm – from too much food to too much stress or too many things you 'have' to do for everyone else but you!


You deserve to invest some time and energy that's solely dedicated to reconnecting with your own health and wellbeing.

The Rise & Shine, Honey! 21 Day Challenge is designed to help you start the year doing something powerful: choosing to look after yourself in a new and peaceful way.

This is not your ordinary ‘new year new me’ motivational push. This is a gentle, self-loving and nourishing way to reset your body and gain more clarity about what you want and need.

So many of our New Years Resolutions are about denying ourselves. With this challenge, we’ll do the opposite. This is about clearing space to be MORE of yourself.

Why focus on sugar and meditation?

Without even realising it, many people are caught up within the energetic waves that sugar creates within our body. Even when subtle, these ups and downs can play havoc with our ability to feel focussed, energised and connected to what our body really needs.

"It made me realise in how many areas of my life I could be a little healthier. The daily checklist spurred me on to complete as many of the tasks as possible. At the end of the 3 weeks I felt stronger and slept better too."

cosima, london & mother of 4.

With the balancing effects of detoxing sugar and getting still within your mind, IN JUST 3 WEEKS you can be well on your way to experiencing...

MORE energy

greater FOCUS


"I found the Challenge simply wonderful."

"It helped me a lot to find back into a healthy rhythm of life and to do something good for my body. With very concrete instructions and super tips and support, I knew exactly what to do and how I can approach this challenge for me. To master the challenge together with others is of course very motivating and has also pushed me a bit not to take any cheat days. I would definitely participate again."

Roberta, senior consultant, Vienna.

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Between Jan 2nd - 22nd 2022

What to expect

Once you sign up you will get

Facebook lives and

group support

In our Challenge Facebook Group, we'll gather in community to learn, grow and cheer each other on.

I'll also do some Facebook Lives, where you'll get the change to connect with me in real time, and get your questions answered.

Daily emails from me

With videos or guided mediations on daily themes that support you in your health and wellbeing journey.

Daily affirmations

and motivation

Straight into your inbox! These emails will keep you focused and signpost you to everything that’s happening so you don’t miss a thing!

What participants have learned...

I can schedule time for what’s important to me.

Wellbeing isn’t ‘all or nothing’ thing. Every bit helps.

I feel better without sugar.

Every small change is something to be proud of

I wasn’t paying attention to what was in my food - now I am!

Healthy food has so much variety

My body is talking to me

Sugar free eating isn’t as hard as I thought.

Rest is really important

"A perfectly balanced but challenging experience!"

"Ganz herzlichen Dank liebe Heidi!"

"Heidi hat die wunderbare Gabe und professionelle Kompetenz, eine 21-tägige Sugar-Detox-Kur zu etwas Lust- und Freudvollem zu machen. Sie begleitet persönlich, mit Video und Mails auf eine unglaublich wertvolle Weise und gibt alltagstaugliche Tipps."

"Heidi is the ideal guide to help you reach your goals and finish the 21 day challenge. She is very motivating, and her morning videos makes a sugar free day even enjoyable!"

- Martina, Brussels.

- Fiona, Zürich.

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