Mirjam Ulbert

Entrepreneur, Coach & Philanthropist | Zurich

"When I approached Heidi for coaching, I needed to make changes for the good of my health and wellness. I knew I had to start sooner rather than later, and wanted to draw in support around nutrition, lifestyle and movement. Having met Heidi and seen her work before, I knew she was the right choice for me.

What I loved about working with Heidi was her intuitive, mindful approach. She not only delivered what I was looking for, but helped me to create a vision of what I really wanted for my life by drawing on the wisdom of my past, present and future selves.


Director | Zurich

"Heidi was such an exemplary coach. She helped facilitate a shift in my mindset using her own unique blend of humility and deft expertise that served my needs so successfully.

Her personally tailored and compassionate accompaniment to helping explore the goals and specific outcomes I co-constructed with her was profoundly appreciated.

I would recommend Heidi to anyone who wants to go beyond superficial inquiry into deeper development and growth."


Entrepreneur | Vienna