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You’re invited to join a FREE online community of career-focused women who desire to reach deeper levels of fulfilment - in and outside of work, - and do all that feeling and performing at their best.

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The Queendom Workbook

Break through the walls of self-criticism and doubt, and instead start creating the life and relationships that you most desire.

Inspired by my book, The Queen Within: Rewrite Your Fairy Tale and Create Your Own Happily Ever After, this FREE companion is your interactive starter guide to boosting your confidence, following your heart and listening to the voice inside that's telling you there's another way to live.

This will take you through a journey from intuition to action, guiding you to realign your life from the outside in.

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What’s Included

a step-by-step

Ready to reclaim your superpowers? Here’s what’s included…

How To Trust Your Instincts

In my community we explore WHAT we want from our lives and find our personal approach on HOW we get there.

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Monthly Community Calls

Every month, you’ll be invited to join me and fellow members on a community video call.

These are engaging conversations where I’ll be offering guidance and answers to your questions about holistic health, work-life balance, conscious living, women’s wellness and finding fulfilment in your life and career.

Upcoming community Calls

Thursday, 27th May @ 6pm Zurich time (CET), 5pm London time (BST)

Thursday, 17th June @ 6pm Zurich time (CET), 5pm London time (BST)

Thursday, 15th July @7pm Zurich time (CET), 6pm London time (BST)

Thursday, 12th August @7pm Zurich time (CET), 6pm London time (BST)

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