Episode 1

Transforming workaholism with former corporate leader Heidi Hauer


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In this solo episode, I’ll be taking you on a journey through the most significant life lessons that transformed me from a workaholic into a holistic wellness advocate.

Through the lens of my own story, I’ll be talking about the truths we often avoid or deny when our mind is set to ‘work-only mode’. I will touch upon the difference between flow and obsession, the temptations and dangers of the career bubble, our motivational drivers, and the gateways we can pass through to experience life through joy, fulfilment and purpose.

If you’re a bit of a workaholic, but are feeling the call to tap into another way of being and creating, this episode is for you. Also, listen in for an introduction to my work as a coach and the vision for this podcast.


Health & Life Coach Heidi Hauer shows you how to use intuitive tools and access life-changing mindset shifts that support you in leading an abundant, meaningful and successful life.

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