Episode 16

Author and food entrepreneur Cindia Luest on living your passions


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This week, I’m speaking with Cindia Luest, a writer, entrepreneur and creative powerhouse behind Spice Journeys, a lifestyle company that draws upon culinary storytelling with a mission to bring food and culture to life while sparking conversations for positive change.


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In the episode, Cindia draws us into her exquisite and sensory world of food, inviting us to see it as a window into tradition, ritual, creativity and pleasure. We talk about her new novel The Spice Temple, a mysterious story set in a Swiss villa that weaves together a thrilling tale of magic, manipulation and vengeance – and, of course, food!

As Cindia shares the process of writing her book, we delve into an inspiring conversation about cultivating creativity, finding inspiration, and working through the functional and celebratory stages of writing. We also address what authors should think about when it comes to the big question: how to approach publishing.

Whether you’re a writer, creator or a passionate foodie, this episode is for you.


cindia luest

Cindia grew up keenly aware of food traditions and storytelling and has been avidly reading since she was three.

Order the book here: https://thespicetemple.com

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