Episode 17

How to feel ‘good enough’ with life coach Heidi Hauer


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Do you ever find yourself grappling with a voice inside your head that repeats discouraging statements like: This isn’t good enough... I haven’t done enough... My life / career / body / relationships aren’t good enough?


You aren’t alone. This internal narrative seems to be a common one for career-driven people who have big visions for themselves and their work.

In this episode, I talk about the ways this disheartening, stifling voice can impact you, and explore three often overlooked core reasons as to why it shows up.

Whether it’s a possible sign of unhappiness in your life or the neglected voice of your forgotten goals, I’ll take you through some practices that will help you see what’s really going on underneath the surface while also supporting you to reposition yourself on a path that you truly wish to be on.

Health & Life Coach Heidi Hauer shows you how to use intuitive tools and access life-changing mindset shifts that support you in leading an abundant, meaningful and successful life.

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