Episode 37

Demystifying energy healing with reiki practitioner Sushma Saga


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Emotional buildups cannot be fully healed by conventional means alone. Releasing past trauma is a matter of mind, body, and spirit, which is why this connection cannot be ignored.


Thankfully it is becoming more mainstream due to people like Sushma Sagar who is on a mission to demystify energy healing and take it out of the ‘weird’, into the weekday.

Sushma is the founder of the London-based energy healing clinic The Calmery, and she is also the author of Find Your Flow. She joins us on the show to help us learn more about energy healing and the work that she does in the field of reiki. Sushma gives listeners a brief introduction to the practice of reiki as well as the seven chakras.

She speaks about the role of the chakras as energy centres that develop at different stages in our lives. Using an energy healing practice like reiki, we can tune into our chakras to take stock of ourselves and begin to release blocked emotion.

She gives us some practical first steps about how to tap into this universal energy to heal ourselves. This is a practice that we can start doing at home without any training because it is a latent skill that all humans possess!

In this conversation, we also explore Sushma’s own journey from the corporate world into the field of energy healing and how it was a slow process of moving toward self-acceptance and authenticity. Join us and take a step closer to becoming more conscious of your energy flow and its healing powers today!

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Sushma Sagar on The Heidi Hauer Podcast



Sushma is the founder of the London-based energy healing clinic The Calmery, created to bring healing to the mainstream and promote it as a serious well-being life skill. She is also the author of Find Your Flow.

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Key points

  • Sushma weighs in on her mission to demystify energy healing.
  • Basic tips for people who want to know more about reiki and incorporate it into their healing.
  • The need to attune ourselves to a universal energy and things that stand in the way of this.
  • Practical steps for people at home to practice reiki and heal themselves.
  • The history of energy work beginning in different ancient cultures.
  • Sushma’s take on the seven energy centres in our bodies and why they are important.
  • Becoming more aware of the emotions in your body so you can process them and they don’t build up.
  • The science behind how emotion causes cell inflammation leading to disease.
  • Life as a series of lessons; reframing life from something that happens ‘to’ us to ‘for’ us.
  • The heartbreaks Sushma experienced that led her down the path of discovering energy work.
  • How we often don’t get over the unconscious sides of traumas without energy work.
  • Freedom in the form of moving to a place of compassion for people who have hurt you.
  • Sushma’s journey from being a corporate woman in the fashion world to founding The Calmery.
  • A final piece of advice from Sushma: don’t take things personally because it’s rarely about you!
  • How to get in touch with Sushma and work with her on an online healing session.
  • Quotes

    “Reiki is a practice where you need to become attuned first, and the attunement simply means opening yourself up to be a channel for a universal energy to be able to flow through you.” [0:05:02]

    “The thing about channeling energy is you stand back and allow it to happen and that itself is the skill, to just not question.” [0:07:36]

    “In our bodies there are seven energy centers and they are portals and central spots where the energy comes together.” [0:015:19]

    “You can clean your energy without being reiki attuned. You simply notice if your emotions are heavy and then you do whatever you like to do to release them.” [0:25:34]