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Real Food for Every Phase of Your Life with nutritionist May Simpkin

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Nutritionist May Simpkin on the Heidi Hauer Podcast


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As a qualified UK-registered Nutritionist and a self-proclaimed "real woman with busy family life", May believes in easy, practical, achievable food. She is here to share a personalised yet simple, no-nonsense approach to healthy eating through consultations, online programmes, events, retreats and so much more!

May Simpkin is a qualified UK Registered nutritionist who describes herself as a real woman with a busy family life. May believes that eating well doesn’t mean only broccoli and berries. Instead, she recommends a diet of real food that is achievable, realistic, and practical, advocating for cooking from scratch and producing meals with colour, taste, and nutritional balance.

In this episode, May discusses some of the most common challenges that her clients face, from busy mums trying to feed their children nutritious meals to women trying to use diet and exercise to navigate menopause.

Tuning in, you’ll hear about the link between blood sugar balance and overall wellness, how to avoid that afternoon energy low, tips to introduce variety into your child’s diet, May’s views on hormone replacement therapy to treat the symptoms of menopause, and much much more.

To hear all of this useful advice as well as the story of how May stumbled into this career in her fifties through following her passion, tune in now!



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Nutritionist May Simpkin on the Heidi Hauer Podcast


“You’ve got to just think about your lifestyle, think about your goals, think about your current health and situation, and make sure that anything that you embark on is a real way of living, that is going to be true to yourself, and you are going to be able to be consistent with it.”

“Is that lifestyle not only achieving your goals but are you happy doing it? Do you feel good? Do you feel content? Do you feel energised? Do you feel inspired, motivated? And you will feel all of those things if you are achieving what you want to achieve and if you feel good doing it.”

“What is really important and what you gain by studying nutrition is not whether something is good or bad for you but what is going on in your body to make it good for you or to make it bad for you?”

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