Episode 74


In association with unseen heroes

- Shining a spotlight on extraordinary women


Susanne Müller Zantop

Susanne Müller Zantop is founder and president of CEO Positions AG and an expert in positioning with a focus on executive performance. CEO Positions creates strategic campaigns with executives to strengthen corporate positioning, which leads to an increase in reputation. The consultant is a passionate high-altitude mountaineer and has already climbed several eight-thousanders. She lives in Zurich and Berlin.

Susanne Müller Zantop ist Gründerin und Präsidentin der CEO Positions AG und Expertin für Positionierung mit Fokus auf Executive Performance.

CEO Positions kreiert mit Führungskräften strategische Kampagnen zur Stärkung der Unternehmenspositionierung, die zu einer Steigerung der Reputation führen. Die Beraterin ist passionierte Höhen-Bergsteigerin und hat bereits einige Achttausender erklommen. Sie lebt in Zürich und Berlin.




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This episode is part of the Unseen Heroes series

Created by digital agency FS Parker, Unseen Heroes is a project to shine a spotlight on extraordinary women. Why? Because momentous events happen all the time, all around us, every day. Each one of them changing the world a little bit. But only a small number of these happenings get the attention and applause they truly deserve. FS Parker wants to shine a spotlight on some of these outstanding efforts and the extraordinary women behind them. Through this podcast series, hosted by Heidi Hauer, these women will be given a platform. Across 13 interviews you will get to know extraordinary women and hear their inspiring stories.