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Health coach Heidi Hauer cutting vegetables in kitchen
Illustration from The Queendom Within Book by Heidi Hauer


The Queendom





Building upon my book of the same name, this 8-week journey is for women who are ready to stop relying on a romantic partner to bring magic to their life, and instead start uncovering their dreams, experiencing new things and living abundantly as their authentic, beautiful selves.

This coaching journey is for women who struggle to identify and meet their needs in a consistent, nourishing way. You’ll take a loving inventory of what you're currently seeking in different areas of your life, while being supported to translate this into tangible choices that will have a significant impact on your daily health and happiness.

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Food and meditation for the 21 day challenge

Heidi's Reset


a 21 day cleanse to reclaim your energy

and calm your mind

In this seasonal bi-annual experience (in January and June), I guide a group of women towards wellbeing, balance, and calm. Through detoxing sugar and daily meditation, you'll reset your energy and reconnect with yourself so you can move forward in deeper alignment with what your body truly wants and needs.