While I champion a balanced lifestyle, I am equally passionate about translating wellbeing aspirations into practical, achievable choices that seamlessly fit into a demanding schedule.

The term ‘work-life balance’ might imply that work solely takes away from us. In my experience, work can also be wonderful source of fulfilment. And yet, it’s important to pause. When we hold a genuine passion for our work, taking a step back can be quite challenging. I’ve been there many times myself.

So what’s true balance in relation to our work?

To me, it’s more about the bigger picture and less about the nitty-gritty, although details play a vital role in establishing healthy habits.

Even though daily habits lay the groundwork for a nourishing lifestyle, we also want to remain flexible. Just like the seasons of the year, our work-life balance is about honouring our own cycles, meeting our fluctuating needs, and knowing when it’s time to re-adjust and come back to centre when things go off track.

How? The key is consistency over perfection. Balance is avoiding extremes. Holding onto rigid 'wellbeing' routines can dampen the joy and stifle creativity, ultimately leading to even more stress.

Ready for true work-life balance? Here are my top 8 tips to help you get started…


The purpose of seeking balance is to enjoy life. What balance and enjoyment looks like varies for each person. Defining balance for YOU and understanding how it improves your life, turns a vague goal into an inspiring achievement.


Blaming workload for your exhaustion is easy. The real reason runs much deeper. Whether we like it or not, our careers are intricately woven into our sense of self-worth and survival.

If we want to find the strength to say No, have the confidence to pave our own path, feel deserving of our own self-care and build the resilience to stay true to ourselves when people push our boundaries.

We HAVE to understand the deeper needs we are aiming to meet through our work. Begin by exploring self-image and work relationships.


It’s fascinating (and a bit unsettling) how our mind wanders, distracts us, or quietly worries about all sorts of things. When aiming for work-life balance, our mind is our biggest ally, and also our most dangerous saboteur! That’s why understanding how it’s works for and against us is crucial. It not only helps us create the boundaries that we need, but allows us to be present for all the great stuff we’re doing.

Begin by noticing your mind’s patterns. Practice bringing it back into the present moment. Meditation, yoga, or breath-work are potent tools. Even just 5 minutes daily can significantly enhance your ability to be in the presence.

Here are some great free apps and resources to help:


‘Switching off’ from work comes with a caveat… switching ON to something else. When we’re overworked and over stressed, it’s easy to fall into the habit of ‘numbing out’, which is where we’re not just disconnecting from work, but disconnecting from everything… our body, emotions, environments and even feelings of joy.

For example mindlessly scrolling on our phone; bingeing on TV, food, drink media etc; or laying down and immediately losing the energy to get up again to tend to our needs. The key sign of numbing out is that it doesn’t really feel good, it’s not intentional, and often keeps us trapped in a state of fixation or dissociation, rather than presence.


You are the only boss of your time and inner bandwidth. Get honest with yourself about what you truly HAVE to do, and where you’re over-giving and over-doing based on your own habits or insecurities. Set a time-frame for work, and stick to it.

This includes thinking about work! Begin with what feels realistic but also requires you to actually make a change. Set your daily weekday and weekend hours, and commit to them. Your Notes App will become your best friend! Any time you have an important thought or inspiration outside of these hours, simply write it down and revisit it later.


One of the drawbacks of being a workaholic is the constant feeling of being disconnected from the present moment. It’s as if life becomes a series of reactions to an endless stream of supposed ‘urgent’ tasks.

Even when we are trapped in the hamster wheel, dedicating just 5 minutes to pause can disrupt a pattern, liberating us from the locked-in-state we often find ourselves in. Never underestimate the power of small daily habits. Choose 1-3 small, daily habits that prioritise YOU, and commit to them at least 5 days per week.

Whether you to simply enjoy a wholesome breakfast or dedicate yourself to a personalised morning and evening routine, do whatever is manageable and achievable and yet feels like progress to you.


Although it might appear paradoxical that we need to set a goal for "enjoying ourselves," particularly when work has dominated our existence, cultivating a life beyond our professional sphere can pose significant challenges. Begin by intentionally scheduling time for interactions with friends and family, engaging in physical activity or movement, grocery shopping, or exploring a hobby. And allow yourself to completely switch off from work when you do!

Remember, you wont want to do it at first. That isn’t a sign that you shouldn’t, but a reminder that sometimes we have to parent ourselves into prioritising what we know is best for us. And guess what, the more you do it, the more you will realise the truly transformative effect it can have on your overall wellbeing.


And finally, plan to succeed. This might seem obvious, but our minds can sometimes work against us. With its primary mission being to maintain our comfort within the familiar, the mind can employ subtle and cunning tactics to resist change.

This is where getting super organised becomes your ultimate defence. Review the day and week ahead of you. Clear away unnecessary, low-value creating tasks, delegate responsibilities where appropriate, and set realistic goals! An overstuffed to-do list is the carrot on the stick that always keeps you chasing.

I hope that trying these 8 steps will help to show you that cultivating work-life balance isn't a fantasy but an attainable reality, even for the times when we’re at our busiest. By incorporating these 8 strategies into your daily routines, you will begin to feel more inspired to create meaningful impact. It feels a bit like you have to strategically and forcefully carve out time for yourself so that you can offer to the world the unique skills that only YOU have.

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