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Are you tired of overthinking or downplaying what your body needs?

You're not alone. Most of us weren't raised within environments that adequately taught us how to cultivate an empowering connection with our body and emotions, or the self-esteem to feel worthy and able of upholding the boundaries necessary for honouring what's best for us in our day to day lives.

It can feel really hard to create space between what we ourselves require and what other people want from us; between what we know we need and the self-judgement we hold for needing it; and between what we unconsciously believe isn't possible for us and the incredible shifts in our reality that we are truly capable of making happen.

For many people, expressing our needs (even to ourselves!) can be a real challenge, often because we don't yet have the skills and vocabulary to translate what we're thinking and feeling into tangible steps and choices.

It's time to accept this uncomfortable truth: our needs are our responsibility. And until we learn to know and honour them, we can't expect to live the healthy, joyful and authentic lives that many of us are seeking.

Through taking this intuitive approach to uncovering and honouring your needs, you'll be better equipped to cut through pressure and judgement about what you 'should do' or are 'allowed to choose', and instead start trusting and responding to the wisdom of your body.

It's for women who are ready to:

You'll be guided to build upon these 3 core foundations

Identifying your personal needs by listening to what your body is communicating to you.

Releasing choices that don't serve you, and entering the cycle of behaviour change.

Becoming present to your current experiences and the impact of your choices.

foundation 3

foundation 1

foundation 2

6 x group coaching calls (90 mins)

1 x private coaching call (60 mins)

These live group coaching calls include a mixture of support, teaching and self-exploration. I share practices and tools that can be implemented immediately, while offering personalised guidance to each individual in a way that accelerates everyone's personal growth.

This is the time to deep dive into what you've been struggling with or want to develop in your journey to understanding and honouring what you need and how to get it. Whether you're wanting guidance, an inspiring action plan or simply a space to be heard and supported, it's for you to decide!

guided meditations

coaching workbooks

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools you can use to reconnect with your intuition. This is the innate wisdom we all hold that cuts through the noise of our ego, fears and judgements, so that the truth of what we know, want or have been experiencing can come clearly to the surface. As well as meditative exercises within our group coaching calls, you'll also receive a number of recorded guided meditations that you can download, keep and listen to whenever you're called to.

With every coaching call, you'll receive an accompanying workbook that will help you dig deeper into the wellbeing themes we explored in the group. Through reflective exercises, mapping and journalling, you'll gain greater clarity about what you need in different areas of your life. As you begin to get wise to what's been holding you back, an inspiring vision will start to form that will help you to intentionally make choices that honour your needs in new and powerful ways.

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The next Intuitive Wellness group runs between 6th July - 10th August 2022.

All group coaching calls are held on Zoom, fortnightly Wednesdays 19.30-21:00 Zurich Time CEST*. These are the dates:

6th July

13th July

20th July

27th July

3rd August

10th August

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