Nutrition Consultation

For women looking for a change

When you practice conscious living in one area of life, the positive effects always spill over. As you learn to give your body what it really needs, you open the door to the same awareness in your work, relationships, and lifestyle!

This is why nutrition plays such an important role in my work.

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I am an advocate for focusing on holistic health and intuitive eating when it comes to women’s well-being. This means listening to your body and using nutrition as a tool for accessing deeper levels of success and happiness across multiple areas of life.

Bringing more intention to your nutrition is not just beneficial to your physical health. I’ve seen within my own wellness journey and the transformations I facilitate with my professional coaching clients the power that comes from understanding the relationship we have with our food.

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How to

A Pre-Consultation Questionnaire


Before our one-to-one session together, you will receive a questionnaire about your current health, any concerns or challenges you are facing and what you would most like to learn in our session. This can be a very revealing process for you, while also enabling me to prepare personalised advice and guidance for our one-to-one session.

Step 01

Online Nutrition Consultation

This session is an open format tailored to what you want to know and improve upon within your diet. What does this mean? I do not take you through a rigid structure or ‘curriculum’. These consultations are in a Q&A format so you can get the information you most wish to receive.

So please bring your questions! The more you share with me what you want to achieve, the deeper and richer our session can be. Even though I encourage you to take notes, our call will be recorded. You will receive a copy of our conversation within 48 hours of our consultation so you can refer back to it whenever you need.

Step 02


Book Your Nutrition Consultation

Upon booking, you will receive a link to your pre-consultation questionnaire. Please ensure this is completed at least 48 hours prior to our meeting.

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