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My Approach To Speaking

Everyone has different personal experiences with the topics I speak about. That’s why I am particularly committed to engaging people at every entry point to the well-being conversation.

Achieving a holistically healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be grand or complex – well-being is for everyone. With simple choices and small shifts in awareness, we can evolve towards and ultimately experience a life that is meaningful and peaceful as well as productive and successful.

My approach is bespoke and focused on personal integration. I share insights that are practical and guide audiences to personalise the lessons in a way that works for them.

My Speaking Topics




Mastering work-life balance and managing stress

Eat yourself happy, healthy and successful

Mindfulness and well-being at work



Self-leadership for greater impact and success

Intentional living and intuitive eating

Clients Testimonials
Damien | Co-founder & MD of Booster Transform, Zurich
“Heidi is clearly very passionate about nutrition and well-being and walks her talk. Her inspiring, holistic approach resonates well with our members as we can see a rising interest in understanding fitness, health and wellbeing in a connected, balanced way.”
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Clients Testimonials
Stefan | Managing Director, Heimat Wien
“Heidis Vortrag war sowohl wissenschaftlich fundiert als auch voll mit praktischen Tipps. Mit ihrer Leidenschaft für das Thema ist es ihr sogar während der Mittagszeit gelungen das Team zu involvieren und für eine gesunde Lebensweise zu begeistern. Sie betont deutlich die Eigenverantwortung des einzelnen Mitarbeiters in Hinblick auf Stress Management, Wohlbefindens und Leistungsfähigkeit. Gleichzeitig zeigte sie mir auch die Chancen und die Verantwortung meines Unternehmens auf ein unterstützendes Umfeld zu bieten.”
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