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As a holistic health and leadership coach, I support individuals and teams to invest in their wellbeing so they can live, work and lead with greater purpose and impact.

With over 20 years' experience in corporate leadership and communications, I'm passionate about integrating nutrition, mindfulness and personal fulfilment into the modern workplace; making their incredible benefits accessible and applicable to every team member at each level of the business.




Nutrition & Healthy Habits


Well-Being At Work

The POWER OF Mindfulness

Effective Self-leadership


The Audi Summit in Verbier on the topic of 'Driving Corporate Sustainability' was specially designed for women with vision, drive, innovative spirit and communication skills. Heidi's background in corporate and coaching made her a perfect fit. With a lot of enthusiasm and clarity, Heidi led the participants through a mindfulness session and showed how important presence in the moment is and how much it can increase one's impact as a leader.

Does personal fulfilment drive productivity? What kind of culture helps employees feel both motivated and cared for? How can organisations better support the wellbeing of both the individual and team?

I know first-hand the everyday challenges of balancing professional and personal success. In fact, many of us confuse the two, or we make our personal needs our last priority because we think that this is how we progress in our career.

But times are changing. We now know the serious implications that stress and over-working have on our health. And that simply paying the bills or reaching traditional levels of social 'status' aren't really satisfying the workforce in the way they once did.

Work-life balance, purpose, fulfilment, meaning... these are all words and desires that are coming up again and again in what professionals are seeking from their life and work.

And this is a good thing! As a healthy, happy and fulfilled workforce leads to a thriving, sustainable business.

My approach to speaking

Everyone has different personal experiences with health and wellbeing, which is why I'm committed to engaging people at every entry point to the wellness conversation.

Achieving a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be grand or complex. Wellbeing really is for everyone. With simple choices and small shifts in awareness, we can experience a life that is both meaningful and successful.

My approach to speaking is bespoke and focused on personal integration. I share insights that are practical and guide audiences to personalise the lessons in a way that works for them and their teams.

Rebecca | ERNST & YOUNG UK


'I was lucky enough to take part in a wellbeing workshop hosted by Heidi via my employer. Highly recommended: practical, research-based and engaging throughout. From her background in business, Heidi understands the stress of working life and – equally important – that any remedial action must be realistic and proven!'

"For our Women in Media network, Heidi gave an inspiring talk on the power of mindful eating, and how we can use nutrition and mindfulness as building blocks to success. She clearly showed us the connection between food and peak performance and shared this topic in a very engaging way. We highly recommend Heidi as a speaker."

My Top 3 Talks

Self-Leadership & Mastering your Mind

Mindfulness &
Managing Stress

Nutrition &

Healthy HabitS




"I don't have time" is one of the top reasons people give for de-prioritising their wellbeing. The good news: optimal health can be achieved through small steps and consistent choices. I combine a sound scientific nutritional foundation with insights into effective habit change. You'll get simple but powerful tips to integrate healthy habits into a busy workday.

Self-leadership helps us to identify the role we play in our own experiences. It guides us to make decisions with greater clarity, navigate challenges smoothly and move towards our goals consistently. Mastering our mind is a prerequisite for long-term success.

Stress is a precursor to many serious health issues, yet we often wear busyness as a badge of honour. There are ways to create impact while cultivating an inner experience of peace and wellbeing. In this talk I share a fresh perspective on work-life integration.

Please note: These are examples – all speaking events are bespoke and personalised to your needs.

please note:

All talks are bespoke and created for the specific needs of your team and audience.
I also welcome enquiries for talking about topics not mentioned on this page.

I deliver my speeches in person or online, in English or in German.


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More words of RECOMMENDATION from my speaking clients



Christoph | CEO & Managing Director AT FS Parker

Damien | Co-founder & MD of Booster Transform, Zurich

“In a wonderfully refreshing and creative way, Heidi shared how intentional living and mindful eating can support us in breaking through old patterns and hindering beliefs. She enthusiastically explained how we can leverage the power of emotions, beliefs, habits and intentions in order to achieve our goals. With self-reflection exercises, practical tips and a guided meditation she kept the audience highly engaged throughout her talk. Heidi is a true inspiration for anyone wishing to go beyond the typical goal setting process. Our members enjoyed the session with Heidi enormously and we received only positive feedback.”

"Heidi got our team excited about a more conscious approach to healthy eating. During the talk, all participants committed to a few small but significant shifts in their daily lives. Three weeks later, Heidi led a Q&A session for people to share their experiences with implementing these changes and have more in depth questions answered. Heidi's clear insight into how to pay more attention to personal wellbeing at work resonated with everyone and also contributed to a positive team dynamic.

“Heidi is clearly very passionate about nutrition and well-being and walks her talk. Her inspiring, holistic approach resonates well with our members as we can see a rising interest in understanding fitness, health and wellbeing in a connected, balanced way.”