Just like any other industry, the health & well-being sector isn’t immune to trends and media hypefashions and PR. Health crazes are particularly potent, with due to the weird and wonderful eating regimes regularly coming into the mainstream.

Right now, we have the mega popular smoothie or acai bowls, decorated with endless different ‘superfoods’ to layer as a topping.

Eating your blended fruits and veggies is now the new drinking. Before the bowlsis? The humble green smoothie. Not as pretty or dramatic to look at, but claimed to be an excellent boost to our overall health and energy.

So is that all the smoothie is good for?… Aa ‘boost’? A limited addition to our health regime that has had its time in the spotlight?

While green smoothies can be used as a quick-fix solution to upgrade our nutrition, their impact on our long-term health is far from being temporary, despite what health fashions come and go in the health and wellbeing market.

Why? Because green smoothies are a simple, fast and effective way to deeply nourish the body.

Tip 1


at home

A green smoothie is an excellent way to start a busy work day. Yes, it can be tempting to persuade ourselves we don’t have time, but we always make space to do the things that we deem important. Starting the day prioritising our health is the ultimate long-term investment.

While the numerous smoothie bars that are on the high-street are an alluring pull, when we blend at home we have total control of what goes into our drink. Most of the time, the smoothie chains make their blends on the sweet side, packing them with fruits instead of vegetables, to get them off the shelves more easily.

Tip 2


or Spiritual


Nourishing our body is an active form of self-love, but we can create an even deeper experience by being fully present in our day-to-day life.

Use the time while making your smoothie to also boost your emotional and spiritual well-being. Play some meditative or relaxing music; recite some positive affirmations; listen to an inspiring podcast; or even choose to sing! Do whatever feels right for you in that very moment that will help you feel like you’re enjoying each moment that passes.

And when you’ve finished blending? Sit down, take slow sips, and lightly chew your smoothie. Mindful eating isn’t just a treat for our digestion, but creates a loving and rewarding connection between ourselves, our body, and our food. This emotional, mental, and spiritual relationship with ourselves is the core foundation to our long-term health and well-being.

Tip 4


and local where possible

Superfoods from the Amazon can be an amazing health addition, but never underestimate the power of local, in-season produce. Eating with the seasons in the country that you live in is a reliable way to consume produce when it’s at its best while mirroring the natural seasons that happen in your body.

For super busy people, my number one tip is booking a fresh home delivery from a local supplier on a Wednesday morning or evening. This is a great addition to a weekend trip to the grocery store to get fresh produce for the week. For an extra holistic boost, try to go organic where you can.

To make your smoothie as fresh as can be, make sure you consume it within 2-3 hours after blending. If you have some extra from your morning blend, decant it into a dark container (to prevent oxidation), and finish it as a 10am boost when you need a kick of energy.

Tip 5


an incredible investment

I can never say it too often: investing in your health is never wasted time, money or energy. Following the steps I’ve shared above will help you see your smoothie regime as a joyful part of your day and not a chore, which in turn will inspire more mindful living and eating choices in other areas of your life.

We’ve covered key investments such as time, presence and produce, but the final thing to cover is an investment in equipment!

Sourcing a high-powered blender will ensure all your greens, nuts and more robust ingredients get fully broken down for easier absorption and digestion. This will stop you from limiting your options and make the finished product infinitely more enjoyable and nutrient-rich. Outstanding blenders to look for are anything by Vitamix, the Boss™ by Sage Appliances, or The Bianco Puro. Worthwhile options at a lower-range are Magimix and Cuisinart.

Here are some incredible smoothie ingredients and their natural power to get your intuitive blending started: