This is your invitation to stop settling and start expressing what you’re truly made of.

Week 1

Weeks 2 + 3

demystifying purpose

transforming fear

The vast majority of our choices are driven by our unconscious mind. This is the playground of our inner critic, who is always trying to keep us ‘safe’ in whatever feels familiar. You’ll be guided to uncover the fears and beliefs that have been holding you back. Then it's time to release the old and start to write your purpose-driven story.

Weeks 4 + 5

Week 6



Discovering your purpose requires you to follow the intuitive voice within. For many, this voice has been silenced by the outside world. You’ll learn how to re-establish a strong connection with your inner knowing. Truly knowing what’s best for you is essential as you navigate the path to purpose and fulfilment.

The keys to our purpose is found before the world shaped us into who we thought we needed to be. You’ll be guided to tap back into the essence of your truest self. Then you can piece together the signs that point to the unique offering you’re here to give the world.

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Join us if you’re ready to:

Live the life you know you’re meant to

Trust and follow what’s been calling to you

Have a greater impact in the world

Find out what you're truly capable of

(Please note, we pause for one week in the middle of the programme between our 3rd and 4th sessions).

Group experience

1800 chf

1222 CHF

You'll get:

6 x live group calls

6 x coaching workbooks

WhatsApp group with me for regular support

Expand your growth by adding private coaching. You’ll get everything of the group experience PLUS 3 x 50 minute one-to-one coaching sessions with me.