Stuck in the cycle of overwhelm?

Say No to burnout and YES to a fulfilling career.

Join this transformative coaching programme to break free from limiting beliefs, stop spinning in circles, and discover the mindset shifts that lead to vitality and joy.


re-energising you for a fulfilling career

Join a community of corporate leaders and change makers who are done with feeling exhausted, and are ready to get more out of their life and career.

In this online group coaching programme, you'll learn simple but powerful wellbeing practices that are designed to fit seamlessly into your busy working day.

Through my signature approach to holistic health and leadership, you'll be supported to upgrade your nutrition, mindset and workload so that you can experience less stress, more energy and greater confidence in honouring your needs in your life and work.

I believe that life is too precious to drown in work, and through learning how to work smarter not harder you can...

go from this

to this!



putting yourself last

knowing your value

stressed & overloaded

doing less ANd getting more

Just like Annabella did...

"Leadership always starts with oneself and that's what Group Coaching with Heidi is all about. She encouraged us to really get to the essence of our being to find out what our purpose, vision and missions really are – all in her charming and committed way."

Client Testimonial

Annabella – Director in Zurich




You'll learn about the connection between food and energy and be supported to explore simple and personalised eating habits that will sustain instead of drain you.

You'll experience the powerful role of mindset and mindfulness in making change, and be coached through the thinking and beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your potential.

You'll uncover the true reasons why stress seeps into your life and learn a range of practical tools that help you to protect your energy and honour your needs – especially in the workplace.

work smarter not harder, so you can increase your impact without driving yourself into stress or burnout.

value and invest in your whole self, not just the parts you think will improve your career or productivity.

create success on your own terms, and stop following other people's rules and limitations.

feel confident in expressing and honouring your needs both personally and professionally.



weekly group coaching

wellbeing practices

private session with heidi

In this deep-dive coaching session you'll be supported through whatever you need; from clarity and vision to personalised guidance on how to navigate your nutrition, mindset or a specific situation.

Through beautiful workbooks you'll get my go-to wellbeing practices for career-driven women; from nutrition choices and stress management, to mindset, goal setting and wellbeing at work.

Designed to deepen your experience of what you're uncovering in coaching, you'll get a range of guided meditations that help you connect with your inner voice and wisdom as you make external change.

Join me for live teachings and coaching alongside a small and specially selected group of women who will expand and inspire as you each take bold new steps to prioritise yourself in your life and work.

This 6 week programme runs from October 23rd - Nov 27th 2023

Group coaching live Zoom sessions are held weekly on Mondays from 19:30 - 21:00 CET

960 CHF

payment plan available



what happens in a discovery call?

what if i can't make all the live calls?

Investing in yourself is a big deal! A discovery call is a friendly no-strings-attached way to get to know each other before you commit. It's an important opportunity for me to understand your goals, challenges and how I can best support you. And for you to speak to me directly to ask me all the questions you need to ensure this is the experience that's right for you at this time.

Sometimes things happen that interfere with our plans. So you won't be asked to leave if you have to miss one call! However, for yourself and the group to get the most out of this experience, you are expected to attend every live coaching call. This is NOT an online course. Transformation happens through the coaching and practices you experience on the calls. That being said, our Zoom sessions will be recorded for anyone who wants to recap on what was covered. However, for the sake of privacy and respecting the space, each recording will only be available for one week after the live call.


I haven't done group coaching before! what can i expect?

are payment plans available?

Yes! You will have the opportunity to pay upfront in full or split it across two consecutive months.

Group coaching is a truly meaningful way of creating change for ourselves. Humans have always gathered in community to tell stories, exchange support and learn from each other. There is something deeply healing and expansive when we come together to grow with like-minded people who are experiencing similar challenges and hold similar goals. You are free to participate in any way that feels comfortable to you. Whatever you have to bring to the group will be deeply appreciated – there is no pressure to share what you wish to keep private.

Are sessions in english or german?

The default language of my group coaching programmes is English. However, if all participants are German speakers, the group can vote on a preference!

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