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Not likely, right? And I don’t say this to be mean or rude, I’m just speaking from experience. So many times I told myself, promised myself, that “this time will be different”… that this time I really would take care of myself “once I reached this final deadline”.

But I didn’t. There was always a shiny new goal, an irresistible opportunity or an important new thing I had to achieve before I could even consider doing anything else.

Sound familiar? I’m not surprised.

What gets in the way of your health and wellbeing?

You’re consistently struggling to navigate some kind of conflict

You’re always on a mission to save the world, or at the very least, the day!

You have A big vision but no action plan when it comes to your health

No matter your intentions, something always happens that needs your urgent input. Before you know it, you’re dropping what you’d planned to do, and charging in to lend a hand or take the lead on a stressful situation.

You have pretty strong ideas about what ‘healthy you’ looks like, maybe even visualising what it would be like to move through your day with ease and energy. But it feels like a MAJOR leap between that and reality.

Whether that be conflicts in your calendar, managing the conflicting needs of the bosses, teams, clients and loved ones in your life, or battling the internal conflicts of what you ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ do.

In other words...You don't have time, you don't know how and something always seems to be far more important.

These are some of the key beliefs that kept me trapped in the cycle of over-worked and under-nourished for many busy years. But after too many broken promises, too many late nights, stressed days and a health crisis that took me to the brink of burnout, I finally understood:

"I liked the online format and mixture of approaches such as wellbeing theory, written reflections & sharing in the group.

"Leadership, in my opinion, always starts with yourself and that is what Heidi's courses are all about."

She encourages you get to the essence of your being with a focus on your purpose, vision and mission for life, and in her uniquely charming but persistent way."

While we all had different focusses, it was really exciting to hear what others were doing and the techniques that helped them."

SINTA – Group coaching participant


You Know You Need To...

More than once in your life you’ve found yourself metaphorically gazing out at the horizon where health and wellbeing exists for you. Feeling really good on the inside is a goal that you’ve delegated to ‘future you’, which makes it hard for your current self obtaining it. You know that you need to make choices now if you want to experience the future you desire.

You’ve seen yourself make bold, brave choices in your life and career that have required you to break the mould or stand out from the crowd. Yet when it comes to your health and relationship with work, you’ve been happy to hide within the concept that “everyone else is doing it”. You know it’s time to drop the excuses and show up for yourself as much as you show up for work.

You have a powerful combination of the hardest work-ethic and the softest heart, which means over-giving and over-delivering is your life’s consistent tagline. While there are times you’ve wished that you were different, you know that your kindness is your biggest strength, you just need to learn how to protect yourself with loving but firm boundaries.

This fear commonly hides within beliefs such as…

“If I don’t keep up, my boss or team will think I don’t have what it takes.”

“If I say No, I’ll lose this client and nobody will want to work with me.”

“If I drop the ball or shift my focus, everything will fall apart.”

"I'm the only one who can help / who cares / who will do it right.”

“I’m not willing to sacrifice my whole career, I’ll rest when I’m dead.”

“It’s naive to think you can have it all. That’s just not reality.”

After my health crisis, this was THE major realisation and wake-up call that broke the allure (and lies!) of the stressed out workaholic and opened me up to a whole new experience of life and work where I didn’t just do what I loved, I felt amazing while I did it!

to my surprise...

"Heidi is such an exemplary coach. Her own unique blend of humility and deft expertise was profoundly appreciated. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to go beyond superficial inquiry into deeper development and growth.

It wasn’t prioritising my wellbeing that got in the way of my career – it was ignoring it.

It sounds so stupidly obvious, right? But when you’re desperately trying to hold it all together, stopping or letting go is far from being obvious – in truth it feels impossible.

But just because you haven't been able to look after yourself in the way you desire,
doesn’t mean you can’t. And it certainly doesn’t mean you won't.

Mary – coaching client &

Director in Zurich

If you’re done with feeling stressed, tired and inauthentic while working your body to the bone just to get through the next thing on your never ending to-do list,

To be a Wellbeing Queen is to become the leader of your own life and happiness. This is the world of ‘and’ not ‘or’, where wellbeing isn’t an option or task we have to tick-off,
but a necessity that’s beautifully woven into the fabric of our lives.


Despite what your brain may lead you to believe, you can't compartmentalise yourself. Whatever is happening in one area of life, is happening in another. And how you do one thing is how you do everything.

We can’t expect to create and work at the heights of our genius...

We can’t expect to suddenly know how to look after ourselves when we GET TO THE PEAK OF OUR CAREER...

And we certainly can’t expect to have the life and career we long for...

when our body is consistently running on empty, simply trying to survive and get its basic needs met.

if we’re consistently ignoring, overriding or doing the opposite of what we actually want and need!

when we’ve never practiced or built the skills to do it along the way.

here's the thing we often miss:

Success is not just about what we do, but HOW we do it and WHY.

This is the attitude that creates the foundation of the Wellbeing Queen programme. Because do you really need more rigid rules and information about how you 'should' or 'shouldn't' live your life? Personally, I don't think so!

Week 1

Week 2

Uncover how and why you ignore your body

so that you can start to notice the inner 'red flags' and 'green lights' that constantly light the path to where you want and need to be.

so that you can cut through the false beliefs that lead you to do things that go against what you truly want to create and experience.

Week 4

Week 3

Learn how to go beneath the surface 'symptoms'

Start to create a safe space for your body

so that you can repair, rebuild and nurture a stronger and more trusting relationship with all the different parts of you.

so that you can stop wasting your energy on short-terms fixes and get to the roots of what is actually preventing you from thriving.

Week 6

Week 5

Unearth the hidden 'rules' you've been following unconsciously

Learn how to create holistic goals

so that you can stop trying to split yourself in two (or three!) and start living a life where ALL of you is sitting at the table.

so that you can reclaim your power and re-write a more authentic story of success.





With a short presentation that teaches you the key concepts and foundations of the Wellbeing Queen programme.

Journal prompts and exercises to help you go deeper into your personal transformation.


Such as meditations, visualisations or writing exercises that help you experience what you're learning firsthand.

90 Min weekly live group calls on zoom



Throughout the call you'll explore powerful enquiries that will help you to uncover and shift what has been holding you back.

Guided practices so you can continue to reap the benefits of what you learned and experienced on our live call.


You'll be invited to share your insights, ask questions and get support in ways that expand the growth of the group.



is for you if you're ready and willing to...

Pink Tick
Pink Tick
Pink Tick

Ditch false stories that keep you stuck and claim yourself as someone who is worthy of attention.

Find true ease and balance in life by declaring (not ignoring) your needs, goals and boundaries.

Learn from someone who’s been where you are, but also carved a path to where you want to be.

Pink Tick
Pink Tick
Pink Tick

Fully recognise the incredible power you have inside yourself to create the wellbeing & life you dream of.

Step through the threshold from worn-out workaholic to powerhouse leader in life AND work.

Start taking action that reflects your values regarding who you want to be and how you want to live.

it might NOT be for you if....

Looking for someone to give you the answers or come up with a plan for your life and health.

You're not feeling ready to get honest with yourself about what's been holding you back.

You're still hoping to find a 'quick fix' or easy solution to your health and happiness.


The Programme runs Oct 26th – Nov 30th


The V.I.P




6 Week Programme

Get everything in the 6 week programme

6 x 90 min live group sessions with Heidi on Zoom


2 x 1 hour private coaching sessions with Heidi to take your life and wellbeing to the next level.

WhatsApp group chat with Heidi for

ad-hoc support (optional)

*SAVE 60 CHF by paying in full!

*SAVE 100 CHF by paying in full!

“This sounds great Heidi, but what if I really DON’T have the time to focus on myself right now?”

I get it, I really do. Life and work requires so much of our attention. And there is always some new thing or health regime we’re told we “must be doing” in order to be successful. But let me be honest with you, health isn’t one of them.

Prioritising your physical wellbeing and making choices that reflect who you are and what you really need isn’t a fad or a ‘nice to have’, but a necessity if you want to live and work in a way that is meaningful, fulfilling and authentic to YOU.

And I know it’s a cliché but we really do find time for what is most important to us. Think of all the times that you’ve ‘magically’ managed to stretch the hours in your day when work has felt important. Or where you’ve cleared your schedule to tend to someone else’s ‘crisis’, only to find that it wasn’t really necessary, urgent, or even needed. And guess what? Choosing yourself doesn’t mean disregarding or abandoning all the other things that matter to you – it’s the opposite.


She has supported me to get healthy, but not just for the sake of it. Heidi guided me to see that the ‘health journey’ is really just about investing in a more authentic and happy version of myself and life."

Mirjam – Coaching Client & ENTREPRENEUR in Zurich

It’s normal to have questions and reservations when making any kind of investment. But I also know that when it comes to investing in ourselves, and especially our health, our brain can come up with a million reasons why we shouldn’t do it.

Because our brain is always trying to keep us safe by sticking to what is familiar – better the devil we know, right? But what if your familiar choices and routines are precisely the things that are keeping you from experiencing the life and health you dream of?

This is where we need to appease the fears of our brain so our heart and soul can speak to us (something that you’ll be learning lots about during this 6 week programme!) And of course I’m here to help you.



Sometimes things happen that interfere with our plans. So you won't be asked to leave if you have to miss one call! However, for yourself and the group to get the most out of this experience, you are expected to attend every live coaching call. This is NOT an online course. Transformation is in the coaching and practices you will experience on the calls. That being said, calls will be recorded for anyone who wants to recap on what was covered. However, for the sake of privacy and respecting the space, each recording will only be available for one week after the live call.

I love running and attending group coaching as it offers a truly meaningful way of creating change for ourselves. Humans have always gathered in community to tell stories, exchange support and learn from each other. There is something deeply healing and expansive when we come together to grow with like-minded people who are experiencing similar challenges and hold similar goals as we do. You are free to participate in any way that feels comfortable to you. Whatever you have to bring to the group will be deeply appreciated – there is no pressure to share what you wish to keep private.



In short, No. This programme is designed to help you shift your focus from the top-level details of health and wellbeing to the wider, foundational factors that are influencing the way you think, choose and prioritise (or de-prioritise!) yourself and your wellbeing. You may find it useful to receive nutritional advice alongside or after this programme as a next step. If this sounds like something you'd like to explore, please reach out to me by email by clicking here.

We will meet for a 90 minute live call weekly for 6 consecutive weeks. These calls are the heart of the programme, so if you are only able to participate in these, that's totally OK. You'll also get optional workbooks, meditations and resources for those who want to go deeper – and I recommend that you do. Transformation is a practice not a 'one and done' thing. So the more you complete and practice the tools that you'll learn, the more you'll get out of it.