What is Intuitive Eating

Whenever I introduce myself as a health and nutrition coach, I always find it amusing when most people ask - with a slightly scared expression - “...Are you vegan?”


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Intuitive eating, as you might guess, means I follow my intuition when choosing what to eat. I eat what my body tells me to. It’s actually quite simple. At this point, I usually have the person’s attention… hopefully, yours too.

The experiences and beliefs that have brought me to this intuitive practice have come to me through my own healing journey and through the concepts I learned at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. The real reason I go for the healthy choice (most of the time) is not only because I find it tastes delicious, but also because I can instantly feel how well my body responds to vegetables, greens, gluten-free grains, herbs, lemon water with ginger, etc. It took self-discipline at the beginning to get to this space. But today, it's joy - not a chore - to make my morning smoothie, to cook at home instead of picking up take-away, and to drink green tea and lots of water.

What I believe they’re really asking is whether they need to go plant-based in order to be healthy.

When I reply with a calm and friendly “No”, I hear people sigh with relief, and I anticipate the follow-up question that often trails behind… “So, what do you eat?”

Most people hope at this point I’ll share the one magical element that solves everything overnight. I used to explain that I didn’t believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ specific diet, but after seeing people switch off when I said that, I got a bit more specific… My answer became “I practice intuitive eating.” I have found that this response helps me to better engage people with their health. However, it’s a practice that many have never heard of.

So what is it?

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