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"I recommend Heidi to anyone who wants to make any kind of positive change in their life. She has given me tools and exercises that have completely enhanced my everyday experiences."

"Heidi led a highly engaging mindfulness session at an Audi Summit designed for women. She showed us how being fully present in the moment can significantly increase one's impact as a leader."

"Heidi supported me to get healthy, but not just for the sake of it. She helped me to see that ‘health’ is about reaching for a bigger, more authentic and happier version of myself."

Picture of Heidi Hauer's coaching client Meghan Wiggins





Head of Marketing – zurich

fashion model – Los Angeles

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This conversation is all about women and power: why we resist it, how we can work with it and the incredible impact women can have when we use our voice to repair power imbalance and regain our sovereignty.

Wie kannst du Selbstfürsorge besser in deinen Alltag einbauen? Hier ein paar Anregungen.

Trotz ausgewogener und reichhaltiger Ernährung schaffen wir es heute kaum mehr alle nötigen Vitalstoffe über die Nahrung aufzunehmen. Phyto-Vitamine und Mikronährstoffe kommen hier gezielt zum Einsatz.

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