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As a coach, podcaster, author and speaker my work is dedicated to helping you feel happy, healthy and truly fulfilled in all areas of life.

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Before becoming a holistic life and leadership coach for women, Heidi Hauer worked for over 20 years in the corporate world, sitting on leadership teams at country, regional and global level. This was the work she dreamed of doing, but the lesson she didn't expect to learn?

success is always holistic.

Heidi came to realise that until we truly care and invest in all the different parts of ourselves, we can never arrive at the purposeful, healthy, fulfilling life we think is always around the corner. She learnt this truth the hard way, but this doesn’t have to be you.

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Less proving, more being

Less proving, more being

Less proving, more being

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“I would recommend Heidi to anyone who wants to make any kind of positive change in their life. She has given me tools and exercises that have completely enhanced my everyday experiences.”



meghan wiggins | fashion model, los angeles.

what people are saying about working with me

“Heidi supported me to get healthy, but not just for the sake of it. She helped me see that ‘health’ is really about reaching for a bigger, more authentic and happier version of myself and life.”

Mirjam Ulbert | Entrepreneur & Coach, Zurich.

“Heidi is clearly very passionate about nutrition and well-being and walks her talk. Her inspiring, holistic approach resonates well with our members as we can see a rising interest in understanding fitness, health and wellbeing in a connected, balanced way.”

Damien | Co-founder & MD of Booster Transform, Zurich.

"Leadership fängt meiner Ansicht nach immer mit sich selber an und genau darum geht es in dem Group Coaching mit Heidi. Sie ermutigt uns wirklich an die Essenz unseres Seins zu stossen um herauszufinden was unser Purpose, unsere Vision, unsere Mission tatsächlich ist. Diesen Prozess begleitet Heidi in ihrer unverwechselbaren charmanten und unnachgiebigen Art."

Annabella | Director, Zurich.

Episode 29 | English

Book Reading from The Queendom Within by Heidi Hauer

In her book, The Queendom Within, Heidi shows us that true happiness is not the result of a picture-perfect life but instead an experience that starts from within – from nurturing our very own Queendom.

Episode 23 | English

In this immensely engaging conversation, I'm talking with Kasia Urbaniak, the founder and CEO of The Academy - A School of Power for Women.

You’re invited to listen in to insights about all things women’s wellness and empowerment. I cover topics from professional ambition and leadership, to holistic health and conscious living for the career-focused mind.

Episode 27 | german

Nadine Spitzley über Sinnlichkeit und lustvolles Frausein

Nadine Spitzley, Coach für Frauen und Gastgeberin von Frauenzirkeln, zeigt einen natürlichen Zugang zur Sinnlichkeit auf und macht unglaublich Lust auf Frausein.

Episode 24 | English


The 3 Things You Need To Know To Live A Great Life

Based on my own health, wellness and career journey, I share with you the 3 core elements that have continued to support me in finding what feels nourishing and exciting across all areas of my life.