Before becoming a professional coach, I spent 20 years successfully climbing the corporate ladder. I was living my dream career of leading outstanding teams and inspiring projects all while travelling across the globe.

Although this life felt amazing in many ways, I started being guided towards new horizons. It took me many years and emotionally painful experiences to realise that true success is a holistic concept. Until we invest in all the different parts of ourselves (not just our career!) we will never really arrive at the joyful, fulfilling life we think is always 'just' around the corner.

I learnt this truth the hard way, and I'm still discovering and integrating the nuances of this wisdom. But while living your truth is a life-long path, you don't need to waste precious years feeling lost, overwhelmed or conflicted about what you want and need.

I believe that success is an inside job that starts with your health.

I was not the exception to the rule. I wasn’t going to miraculously wake up to a life that was healthy, happy and deeply authentic if I wasn’t prepared to invest in what it truly takes to get there.

Working in traditional corporate roles can be wildly exciting and fulfilling, but if we want our career to fuel and not drain us, and to give us as much joy back as it takes from our life, we have to learn how to engage with it in a truly holistic way.

We can’t consistently treat ourselves like machines without experiencing the negative consequences of doing so… declining health, increased stress and a depressive lack of connection with the life we are creating.

This was my story. After spending too many years ignoring what my body was trying to tell me and pushing through my physical capacity with a 'mind over matter' approach, I learnt a humbling lesson:

I became physically exhausted, to the point where I could no longer function at the pace I had been working at. I was diagnosed with gastritis, leaky-gut syndrome and several food intolerances, which saw my energy and health decline to a state that knocked me off my feet.

Much to the annoyance of my workaholic mind, I had to pause, take stock of my choices and choose to prioritise my health and wellbeing in a way I that was completely new to me. In essence, I had to finally claim and take responsibility for the life that had been calling me.


Navigating an array of food intolerances meant that I had to get super aware of what I was putting into my body. What started as a bid to restore my health transformed into a holistic healing journey. It soon became apparent to me just how much everything is connected.

The more I noticed the impact that food had on my body, the more I noticed the effects that non-food related choices were creating. The question of what I needed in regards to nutrition, soon spilled over into considering what I needed in my work, my friendships, my romantic partnerships and my lifestyle overall.

Understanding this connection between conscious eating and conscious living fascinated and inspired me. Curiosity led me to train in many prestigious institutions in the realm of nutrition, holistic health, meditation and coaching. On a practical level, I had found the next chapter in my career. But on a deeper level, I found myself. Without realising it, I had brought the separated and neglected parts of myself back into an authentic, integrated picture of who I really was (and am).

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Coaching Certification

paris | 2020-21

HOLSITIC health coaching

nyc | 2017-18

Resonance COACHING

VIENNA | 2015-16


VIENNA | 2014-15

The INSEAD Coaching Certificate improves coaching effectiveness to coach individuals or groups. The programme draws on the expertise of the world-class INSEAD faculty and blends practical experience with academic input focusing on the art and practice of coaching in today’s globalised world.

IIN is the largest nutrition school in the world, and recognises that health is made up of much more than food, but includes a focus on career, physical activity, relationships and spirituality. The school has more than 100 world-class educators who are leading physicians, researchers, doctors, and nutrition experts at the forefront of the health and wellness movement.

The Kutschera-Resonanz® method was established by Dr. Gundl Kutschera, a sociologist, psychotherapist and health psychologist. Its focus is to achieve a greater quality of life through nurturing harmony between ourselves and our environment. This includes creating work-life balance and developing true, authentic expression through our actions and choices.

This course offers profound knowledge into understanding the wider contexts that support healthy, sustainable lifestyles and nutrition. Special emphasis is placed on respectful consideration of the client's background in implementing current wellness trends as well as millennia-old traditions.


Applied neuroscience

and brain health | 2020

Spirit Junkie Masterclass
Level 1 & 2 | 2017

MBSR Course -Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction | 2014

Unleash the power within | 2013

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