Heidi Hauer

Heidi is an author, podcast host and personal coach for female leaders.

She specialises in working with women who strive to live a life of purpose, who want to perform and feel at their best and who seek, beneath it all, a deep sense of fulfilment in their personal and professional lives.

Heidi enriches her coaching sessions with meditation, mindfulness, self-love practices, yoga breathing techniques and her profound nutritional knowledge. This comes upon a foundation of extensive corporate experience, which allows Heidi to contextualise these personal development tools in a way that is practical and relevant for a busy working day.

She hosts The Heidi Hauer Podcast where she interviews female, entrepreneurs, creatives, coaches, medical doctors and spiritual teachers. In her solo episodes Heidi explores all aspects of healthy eating and intuitive living.

Her book The Queendom Within – a guide to rewriting your fairy tale and creating your own happily ever after supports readers to build a fulfilling life - with or without a perfect romantic match.

As a passionate speaker, Heidi has been featured in international media such as The Guardian, The Daily Mail Online, Thrive Global, Schweizer Illustrierte and others. She gave a BBC London Radio interview and has also appeared on various podcast shows speaking to women across the world.

Heidi is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with the famous Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), a certified Nutrition Trainer with Vitalakademie Vienna, a Resonance Practitioner with Institut Kutschera Vienna and will soon complete a Coaching Certificate with INSEAD Business School. Heidi holds a Masters in Marketing and Sales from the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna and a Diploma from the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna.

Heidi is a former corporate affairs leader with expertise in the food and pharmaceutical industry. During her 20 years in the corporate world she sat on leadership teams at country, regional, and global level, and led a variety of cross-functional and cross-country projects in the area of Public Affairs and Corporate Communications. Prior to that she worked in consulting. Her international career enabled her to live in Bangkok, London, Brussels, Vienna, and Zurich where she currently lives with her partner and her dog.


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