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Aligning to Love

Online V-Day Party

February is here, and the season of love never fails to bring up a bag of mixed emotions - from hopefulness and excitement to skepticism and painful memories or old wounds resurfacing. Let’s make this Valentine’s Day all about self-love. Join me and my fellow hosts as we guide you and other spirited women to realign and reconnect with the infinite love we all hold within.

When’s The Party?


Sunday, February 14th

Zurich (CET): 7pm - 8pm

London (GMT): 6pm - 7pm

New York City (EST): 1pm - 2 pm

Los Angeles (PST): 10am- 11am

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Meet the host

Heidi Hauer Galentine Party Host

Meet The Guests of Honour

Michelle de Matheu Galentine Party Host
Claire de Haas Galentine Party Host

Yoga teacher & Designer

Spiritual & Business Coach

Feminine Embodiment Coach

Erica Jago

Michelle de Matheu

Claire de Haas

Erica is a kundalini and vinyasa trained teacher and designer who combines the art of storytelling with emotionally connected yoga, visionary art, and nature to inspire inner knowing, spiritual care, and interconnectedness. Check out Angelus where Erica developed 21 new yoga sequences with her signature yoga pose illustrations, Asanaglyphs.

I believe that when a woman steps into her power, she enlightens the world around her. That’s why it’s my mission to help women remember their feminine gifts, including sensuality, self-worth, pleasure, and magnetism.

Michelle is a high performance spiritual life & business coach, fashion designer, stylist and creator of the MdM inside out Method. Her passion is to teach about LOVE.

- with Heidi Hauer -

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Here’s what to expect:

Our Self-Love V-Day Agenda

Embodiment Meditation

- Claire de Hass

Tips For Finding Love From Within - Michelle de Matheu



Listen in as the Mind, Body & Soul Stylist herself, Michelle de Matheu, discusses the challenges and detours that come with our journey in love. We’ll also be sharing tried and true wisdom about reconnecting with the love we have inside of us.

A magical and empowering meditation session with Claire de Hass, transformational life coach and feminine embodiment, to get out of your head and connect with your body to unleash and cultivate your inner feminine power.

Identifying Your Dreams

- Heidi Hauer

Self-Love Meditation

- Erica Jago



Go through a deep and enlightening journaling session with Heidi to uncover your true dreams and desires. This is a special meditation exercise featured in Heidi’s The Queendom Within - a guide that shows you the magic that exists on your journey towards your dreams and goals.

Reignite your love for yourself with Erica Jago’s self-love meditation. Erica guides you through a gentle meditation to help you stop picking at yourself and learn to accept all of your beautiful self.

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Still feel stuck in your love life or want to move on from a past relationship through self-love.

We’re here to celebrate YOU!

Make Self-Love Your Valentine