The Queendom Within

A vision for a new way of living for women who are ready to kiss themselves awake

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In The Queendom Within, Heidi Hauer lays out a practical and explorative plan for women to reclaim their energy, rediscover who they are, decide what they want and take tangible steps towards it – with or without a romantic partner by their side.

It's for women who despite their own successes, confidence and fulfilment in many parts of their life, can't quite shake the idea that their 'real life' won't truly begin until a loving parnter arrives.

Heidi Writes

"At some point I realised that my life was massively off track from what I had dreamed of. I had ticked off many goals but was still on auto-pilot, waiting for someone to kiss me awake. I needed a Plan B. I had to take matters into my own hands. It was time to become my own saviour, and create the life I was waiting to build with 'him'. In short, I had to let go of the fantasy of being whisked away to a magical Kingdom and instead start proactively building something more authentic – my Queendom from within."

The Book

The Queendom Within is as much a guided program, as it is a memoir and companion for all women who have ever felt that they or their life is not enough without a partner by their side.

It's 28 practical exercises are conveniently split into four key chapters, designed to support you to reconnect with yourself – and have plenty of fun while doing so!

Part 1

Part 2

Rediscover and define in detail who you are and what you REALLY want out of your life, career and relationships.

Practice authentic living and feeling good within your skin. You’ll take the awareness gained in Part I and channel it into inspired action.

Part 4

Part 3

Connect with your boundaries as a tool for expressing and protecting your authentic truth. Prepare to put people-pleasing firmly to rest!

Understand how your relationships and environments are influencing you, and where you can better put your true self out into the world.

Meet the Author

Now available in hardback and eBook

Heidi Hauer is a Leadership & Holistic Health Coach for women who are ready to bring health and happiness on the road to professional success. Qualifications in nutrition and coaching complement her background in corporate leadership.

Heidi guides her clients to step into their power, find that highly sought-after work/life balance and reach for deeper levels of personal fulfilment - in and outside of work. The Queendom Within is her first book.

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