Holistic life and leadership coaching


Holistic health and

life coaching


This is my signature online coaching package where we’ll take holistic living to a whole new level. We’ll bring loving attention to your wellbeing, work and lifestyle so you can be the very best version of yourself.

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Live your purpose

clarity coaching


This is an online life coaching intensive for career-driven women who are feeling unfilled in their work. I’ll work with you on identifying the spark and purpose that will give your life and career the sense of meaning that’s been missing.

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In this programme, I will introduce you to mindfulness practices and conscious living in a brand new way. You’ll learn how to access work-life balance, reduce daily stress and feel anchored in yourself even when your busy schedule tries to pull you away.


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single session

In this online nutrition consultation, I share the principles of integrative nutrition and holistic living. I’ll show you how to upgrade your nutrition while incorporating your specific questions and help you change your perspective and practices around food.


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