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Online Life and Health Coaching Services


My coaching packages will help you experience the inspiring life, thriving vitality, and purposeful career you’ve been working towards. From clarity coaching and career guidance, to intuitive eating and mindfulness, my holistic living approach will teach you how to realign and love your life from the inside out.



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Holistic Health & Life Coaching

This is my signature online coaching package where we’ll take holistic living to a whole new level. We’ll bring loving attention to your wellbeing, work and lifestyle so you can be the very best version of yourself.



Live Your Purpose Clarity Coaching

This is an online life coaching intensive for career-driven women who are feeling unfilled in their work. I’ll work with you on identifying the spark and purpose that will give your life and career the sense of meaning that’s been missing.


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Mindfulness Mentoring

In this programme, I will introduce you to mindfulness practices and conscious living in a brand new way. You’ll learn how to access work-life balance, reduce daily stress and feel anchored in yourself even when your busy schedule tries to pull you away.


Nutrition Consultation

In this online nutrition consultation, I share the principles of integrative nutrition and holistic living. I’ll show you how to upgrade your nutrition while incorporating your specific questions and help you change your perspective and practices around food.



Client Testimonials
Meghan Wiggins, fashion model, Los Angeles
“When I started working with Heidi, I really wanted to learn more about nutrition, form a healthier relationship with food and introduce meditation and affirmations into my life to support my mental well-being. Heidi was always there for me in her very personable, gracious and patient way. I always left our meetings feeling deeply encouraged while also accountable to what she knew I wanted to achieve. One of the biggest areas of growth for me would be my attitude towards eating, working out and the way I talk to myself. I have been able to bring meditation, loving affirmations and mindful eating into my everyday lifestyle. This, along with Heidi’s supportive way of challenging me, has allowed me to face really difficult and sensitive areas of my life in a way that has made me stronger. I now feel confident and able enough to continue to do this on my own. Heidi is dedicated, passionate and such a kind, beautiful soul. She genuinely cares about her clients and is fully invested in helping you to become the very best version of yourself. I am now in such a good place in my life. I feel happy, healthy and TRULY in love with my body. It was hard work but Heidi was a huge part of getting me here. I would recommend Heidi to anyone who wants to make any kind of positive change in their life. She has given me tools and exercises that have completely enhanced my everyday experiences.”
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Client Testimonials
Mirjam Ulbert, Entrepreneur, Coach, Philanthropist, Zurich
“At the time I approached Heidi for coaching, I needed to make changes for the good of my health and wellness. I knew I had to start sooner rather than later, and wanted to draw in support around nutrition, lifestyle and movement. Having met Heidi and seen her work before, I knew she was the right choice for me. What I loved about working with Heidi was her intuitive, mindful approach. She not only delivered what I was looking for, but helped me create a vision of what I really wanted by drawing on the wisdom and desires of my past, present and future selves. Heidi enabled me to create something I will be forever grateful for: a toolkit of practices, knowledge and willpower that will realign me to a fulfilling, healthy and loving lifestyle - no matter what changes come or where I am on my path to reaching my big goals. For anyone who is desiring a coach, mentor and health expert, I would highly recommend Heidi. She has supported me to get healthy, but not just for the sake of it. She guided me to see that the ‘health journey’ is really about creating a platform for reaching for a bigger, more authentic and happy version of my current self and life.“
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Client Testimonials
Mary, Director, Zurich
“Heidi was such an exemplary coach. She helped facilitate a shift in my mindset using her own unique blend of humility and deft expertise that served my needs so successfully. Her personally tailored and compassionate accompaniment to helping explore the goals and specific outcomes I co-constructed with her was profoundly appreciated. I would recommend Heidi to anyone who wants to go beyond superficial inquiry into deeper development and growth.”
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Client Testimonials
Bettina, Entrepreneur, Vienna
"Das Coaching mit Heidi war ein großes Geschenk an mich selbst. Zwei Monate nach Abschluss meines 3-monatigen Programms kann ich mit Freude verkünden, dass ich meine neuen Gewohnheiten mit Leichtigkeit fortführe und mein Gewicht stabil bleibt. Ich war im Laufe meines Lebens immer normalgewichtig. Nach meinen 4 Kindern habe ich jeweils rasch wieder in meine Figur gefunden. Jedoch ab Mitte 40 nahm ich plötzlich stetig zu. Mit allen möglichen Diäten habe ich versucht gegen diese Gewichtszunahme anzukämpfen. Es ist mir allein nicht mehr gelungen. Mit geduldiger, kompetenter Beratung und Unterstützung hat mich Heidi in ein neues Lebensgefühl begleitet. Ich verstehe nun was in meinem Körper vor sich geht und gehe liebevoller mit ihm um. Mir schmeckt meine neue Ernährungsweise sehr. Ich frühstücke nun sehr gerne, obwohl mir das früher viel zu stressig war und ich keinen Hunger hatte. Ich esse viel mehr Gemüse und auch etwas Obst. Freiwillig habe ich meinen Fleischkonsum stark eingeschränkt. Heidi hat das Talent in ihrem Programm Woche für Woche langsam neue Gewohnheiten einfließen zu lassen, die dann fixer Bestandteil meines neuen Lebens wurden. Ich habe großartig Gewicht verloren und halte dieses nun auch. Meine Verdauung ist ein Hit geworden. Meine Haut ist viel schöner. Mein Energielevel ist über den Tag stabil. Mein Gewand passt mir wieder und ich bin viel selbstbewusster geworden. Heidi ist nicht nur eine wunderbare Ernährungsberaterin, sie ist außerdem ein sehr geduldiger und gut ausgebildeter Coach. Der intensive Austausch hat mir sehr gut getan und mich höchst motiviert. Tausend Dank für diese lebensverändernde Zeit!"
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