When working with organisations, I bring my coaching experience combined with 20 years of corporate communications expertise which I’ve crafted in London, Brussels, Vienna and Zurich at stock-listed enterprises, network agencies and boutique consultancies. I’ve run international public affairs campaigns, built corporate reputation, accompanied culture change, transformed teams, and contributed to business success as a leadership team member at global, regional, and country level.



Günther | PWC Legal

The Audi Summit in Verbier on the topic of 'Driving Corporate Sustainability' was specially designed for women with vision, drive, innovative spirit and communication skills. Heidi's background in corporate and coaching made her a perfect fit. With a lot of enthusiasm and clarity, Heidi led the participants through a mindfulness session and showed how important presence in the moment is and how much it can increase one's impact as a leader.

Heidi facilitated a workshop on the company’s purpose at our annual off-site team event. This was a great opportunity for us to reflect upon how the bigger vision of the company can be translated into our daily work. In a separate session, she shared practical and powerful tips on how on to support one’s wellbeing at work. Her passion for the subject encouraged team members to eat healthier and work more mindfully.



Areas of expertise:

Leadership communications

Reputation management

Employee engagement

Building high performing teams

sector expertise:

Healthcare & Wellbeing

Consumer Goods

Food & Nutrition


Leadership Coaching

I hold qualifications from:


I follow the systems psychodynamic approach that looks at the person, role and organisation triangle. In this way I support senior leaders to identify and embrace their unique leadership style in a way that helps themselves, their teams and the organisation to thrive.


Workshop facilitation

Workshops offer a supportive and impactful way of finding creative solutions that overcome challenges and mediate differences within a team or organisation.

These sessions are delivered with one core focus: to reach a specific goal that is determined by the group. Drawing upon my multiple skills in communications, coaching and mediation, I create space for voices to be heard and channelled into productive discussions that result in better relationships, collective resolutions and/or practical plans that will help the team and business thrive now and in the future.


Speaking events provide motivation and insight that support individuals, teams and management to invest in the wellbeing of themselves and the business.

My speaking style is both inspirational and practical. I'm passionate about guiding people to dream big for themselves while also uncovering the manageable steps they can take right now. I speak on a range of topics including leadership, purpose, mindfulness and health and wellbeing at work. Talks are personable and interactive so that participants can feel engaged and empowered to find the right solutions for their own unique version of health and success.



The ability to be present with our thoughts and create a sense of calm within us is an incredible antidote to the high stress, urgent and busy working lifestyles that so many of us navigate.

Having seen how significantly mindfulness and mediation have improved my own life and the lives of my coaching clients, I've designed Corporate Mindfulness Sessions to support you and your team to learn and master this important skill for greater mental health, resilience, creativity, and productivity.


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