Episode 14

Life coach Heidi Hauer on how to get the most out of your day


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When we talk about getting the most out of our day, we often approach it through the eyes of productivity.


We try to squeeze as much work or activity as possible into every moment. This very tempting, but misleading, approach often keeps us chasing our tails and feeling exhausted.

In this episode, I take you through a new, more efficient way to design your day. From breakfast to bedtime, I guide you through the choices you can make throughout the day, particularly around food, that will help you sustain your energy and stay focused on your goals while feeling your best.

If you often feel like your time and energy keep running out, your days are out of your control or you never seem fully present in your body or your life, this episode is for you.


Health & Life Coach Heidi Hauer shows you how to use intuitive tools and access life-changing mindset shifts that support you in leading an abundant, meaningful and successful life.

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