Episode 49

The magic of gemstones with Doris Hangartner


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Gemstones are the heart & soul of some of the most exquisite jewellery in the world. Beyond that, they carry such an immense clarity, beauty and presence which can make our own essence shine brighter.


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Doris Hangartner is an accredited gemologist and private jeweller in the centre of Zurich. In this episode, she takes us on a mystical journey through the characteristics and symbolism of her favourite gems, including the Paraiba Tourmaline. For Doris, gemstones embody the grandeur of nature on a micro-scale, they help us to be more present, and resound with the harmony of an orchestra when placed together in the right way.

She shares with us her knowledge about how each gem has its own personality and, in this sense, can be matched to a person in a highly individualised fashion. Matching a gem to a person is one of her favourite elements of her mission.

She hosts special evenings where she pairs gems with exquisite joys such as champagne or classical music. You will learn why gems make a great financial investment, why a deeper connection to a gem is something anybody can feel, and a whole lot more!


Doris HangartneR

Doris Hangartner is a Graduate Gemologist and private jeweller in Zurich, specialised in coloured stones. In 2014 she founded Doris Hangartner AG, specialising in sourcing exquisite gems, finding your gem match and building gem portfolios.

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The feeling that different gems exude and how they represent aspects of the human experience.

An introduction to Doris Hangartner, her education in gemology, and how she founded Doris Hangartner AG.

Doris’ feelings about Paraiba Tourmaline, how it represents nature and connects to the Age of Aquarius.





Different ways that gems connect people to a higher frequency or state of being.

How Paraiba Tourmaline represents the four aggregate states of water.

A description of gem-matching, its purpose and how people connect with gems.

How gems are like people and have different personality traits and preferences.





How gems that Doris has matched to clients are crafted into a jewellery piece of their choice.

The evenings that Doris hosts where she matches gems with other exquisite joys such as champagnes or classical music.

Why connecting to a gemstone is not an exclusive experience and is open to anybody.

The benefits of being present and how wearing gemstones can help with this.





A message from Doris to all the women in the world: dare to shine!

Doris speaks about her mission of spreading knowledge about the essence of gems.

How Doris found her passion after her brothers discovered a rock with gems inside it.

Gems as an investment and why people should acquire them instead of other assets.


“They are so vibrant, they are so uplifting, they bring something completely new to the world.”

“A gem, in my feeling, has the ability to put us in touch with something far greater.”

Doris Hangartner [0:12:39]

Doris Hangartner [0:03:53]

“I very strongly believe that everyone can have a connection with stones. My wish is that everyone looks at their gemstones and starts finding a deeper meaning in them.”

“It’s unbelievable what you can see in a stone, which you can also see in nature and in real life. It is as if it is nature on a different scale.”

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