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There really is another way to experience life, and it starts by making a different choice.

As you receive support to move away from stress, self-sabotage and constant busyness, you'll find yourself shifting into an experience of life that feels more exciting, spacious, balanced and truly reflective of your multiple passions and skills.

This is all possible with my holistic and intuitive approach, that helps you to access the self-awareness required to make empowered choices for yourself. ‘Holistic’ for me means recognising that everything is connected. This means that your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves all play a part in your well-being.

Starting with the food you eat, I’ll guide you to explore and upgrade how you show up for yourself so you can get your glow back and feel inspired in your day to day life.

I created this signature coaching programme for women based on the concepts of holistic health, mindfulness, empowerment, intuitive eating and intentional living. It's a programme that is designed to help you bring health, happiness, and true fulfilment along the road to professional success.

Across our 6 months together, we'll be able to deep-dive into the varied factors that are impacting your ability to thrive. As your coach, I’ll guide you to realign your life from the inside out. This will support you to get clarity on what really matters to you, find that highly-sought-after work-life balance, feel sexy in your skin and get back into the driver’s seat of your life.

Holistic Health Coach Heidi in the city

Drawing upon the principles of success coaching, conscious living, intuitive eating, and holistic health, you will learn how to approach your lifestyle in a way that feels practical, empowering, and reflective of your unique needs.



Mirjam Ulbert


entrepreneur, zurich.

Director, zurich.

"Heidi was such an exemplary coach. She helped facilitate a shift in my mindset through her unique blend of humility and expertise. Her personally tailored and compassionate approach guided me to explore goals and outcomes I desired for myself. I would recommend Heidi to anyone who wants to go beyond superficial inquiry into deeper development and growth."

"What I loved about working with Heidi was her intuitive, mindful approach. She helped me to create a vision for what I wanted for my life by drawing on the wisdom of my past, present and future selves. Heidi supported me to create something I will be forever grateful for: a toolkit of practices that consistently help me to choose a fulfilling, healthy lifestyle"

Meghan Wiggins

fashion model, LA.

"Heidi is such a dedicated, passionate and kind soul. She genuinely cares about her clients and is fully invested in helping you to become the very best version of yourself. I am now in such a good place in my life. I feel happy, healthy and TRULY in love with my body. It was hard work but Heidi was a huge part of helping me to get here."

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Establish a healthy lifestyle that truly works for you.


Get off autopilot and clear on your goals & priorities.


Learn to switch off, relax and look after yourself.


This is a 6-month online video coaching series that helps you to establish a healthy lifestyle that truly works for you.

Here's what you'll get:

Health Questionnaire

90-min intention Session

30-min Discovery Call

In this complementary call, we’ll connect via video to get to know each other. I'll answer your questions and we’ll discuss what you most want to get out of coaching. Afterwards, you’ll have time to decide if I’m the right coach to take you where you want to be.

We'll deep-dive into what you most want for yourself and why. You’ll create some core goals and set intentions for your our time together. You'll finish the session feeling connected to a new life path and leave with inspiring action steps to implement straight away.




Email Support & Resources

90-min Integration Session

10 x 1hr Coaching Sessions

We’ll review all of the incredible progress you’ve made over the previous 6 months. This is a powerful opportunity to celebrate your wins and understand and reflect upon what did and didn't work for you. Before we part, you'll be guided to get clear on your next steps forward.

Between each of our sessions you can reach out by email for guidance if you’re feeling stuck or have a question that will support you to move forward. Over our 6 months together, I'll also share resources (things to read, watch or listen to) that I think will help.

We’ll meet online every two weeks to explore the questions you are dealing with in that moment. You'll be guided to take tangible steps towards your goals, and will be supported to move past any blocks that arise as you start to integrate change.




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