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For women who are ready to step into their power as confident, intuitive and impactful leaders.


Leadership isn't just something we 'do' it's something we embody.

The paradigm of invulnerable and hierarchical leadership is shifting. While women continue to face a unique set of challenges in the workplace, I believe we possess natural leadership skills and a certain kind of awareness that once refined and strengthened can be used to our greatest advantage. My mission is to help women overcome these challenges not just externally, but internally too.

We don't actually need a team to be considered a leader. And we can even manage the largest teams imaginable and still never truly lead them.

Powerful leadership requires more than simply obtaining a job title. It's about developing skills that blend both the practical and relational in a way that inspires, builds trust and leads people towards a shared vision and goal.

I am here to support aspiring female leaders to transform self-doubt into self-confidence. Are you ready to find your authentic voice and use it with authority?

This 3-month programme supports women to develop core leadership competencies in a way that draws upon their unique skills, passions and personality.

It's for women who are:

Experienced leaders who want to lead with greater impact, intention, and authenticity.

Growth seekers who want to improve their self-leadership to experience more fulfilment.

New leaders of a team who want to 'hit the ground running' with confidence.

Entrepreneurs or founders who want to lead business growth and collaboration.


The Programme

This programme is completely bespoke. What skills we focus on developing depends on your goals, challenges and experiences. You get to choose! Here are the areas I typically work on with female leaders:

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Lead As You

Taking up space




Conflict resolution


This is a 3 months coaching experience that can be delivered online via video call or in person for those based in Zurich.

Deep-dive session

Leadership coaching sessions

Free discovery call

60 mins (x4)

90 mins

30 mins

In our first 'kick-off' session, you'll get clear on which skills you want to develop and why. You'll create a vision of what empowered leadership looks and feels like to you. We'll use this as an anchor throughout your coaching journey, while translating it into actionable steps.

In this complementary video call, we'll discuss and uncover what you most desire out of leadership coaching, and how this programme can be tailored to your needs. You'll have plenty of time to get your questions answered, and to decide (post-call) if I'm the right coach to help you reach your goals.

In these fortnightly coaching sessions we'll work through the challenges and opportunities you are currently facing on your journey to empowered leadership. This will encompass a mixture of self-exploration, skills building and intention setting. You'll be guided to reflect, explore and integrate as you ignite external change.

Elevation session

Additional support

Coaching resources

email & whatsapp

90 mins

read / watch / listen

In our final session, we'll take another deep-dive into 'where you are now'. We'll reflect upon your progress over the last 3 months; establishing your best strengths to draw upon, areas for continued growth and an action plan that will continue to move you closer to the goals of your next chapter.

I'm consistently reading, watching and listening to inspiring pioneers in the areas of health, fulfilment and leadership. And I love to share what I find! Alongside my collection of supportive resources, I'll forward you personalised recommendations in alignment with your goals and experiences.

Between each of our sessions you can reach me by email or WhatsApp for ad-hoc advice or support through any questions or challenges that arise in your every life. Whether you have a specific question, or simply want a little boost when self-doubt arises, this is a great way to stay on track.