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For women who are ready to feel more inspired, authentic and purposeful in their life and career.


As a life coach for women, I’ve seen first-hand the doubt, judgement and pressure that we often put on ourselves when we feel like our life and career isn’t currently where it’s ‘supposed’ to be.

You know you’re destined to do something meaningful, and you know that you’ve got a range of passions, skills and big ideas that you're not fully putting to use. But something seems to hold you back or get in the way of everything 'clicking into place'.

The burning desire to find your calling can take up all of your energy; keeping you constantly searching, striving, working and struggling against the voice that whispers:

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" Something isn't Right "

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I’m here to show you that finding your purpose doesn't have to feel like a struggle or a fight.

It doesn't even have to feel like something that you're searching for, as when you know where and how to look, you'll realise that your purpose is often right in front of you.

It's simply about going beneath the surface of the 'what' and connecting with the 'why'. This is the realm of the soul, and is what will keep you tethered to your sense of purpose and direction as you move through the different experiences that life will inevitably bring. Meaning? Change is part of the process!

Your purpose isn't a job description that you one day grow out of, it's a fluid way of being that grows alongside you.

In this four-session coaching series, I'll draw upon conscious living and clarity coaching techniques that will guide you to reconnect with what is most important and inspiring to you.

We will seek to uncover what you actually want for your life and career, before self-criticism and all lists of what you 'should' be doing prevent you from claiming it with confidence.

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One that doesn’t read like a job description, but more like a blueprint for how you live and work. You'll stop seeing your purpose as something ‘out there’ but instead an experience of life that is pieced together from the values, beliefs, skills and creativity that make up who you are.

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I’ll show you simple, yet powerful mindfulness and meditation practices that support you to remain anchored to your personal vision and purpose in life as you navigate the surprises and unexpected twists and turns that may come your way.


create an inspiring action plan

You'll get clear on the steps you can take right now to move towards the life you most desire. This plan will be holistic, and will support you to embody the knowledge that living your purpose is as much about HOW you do things, as it is about WHAT you choose to do.

It's for women who are feeling...




You know what you like to do and what you don’t, but none of it fits into a legitimate job title. You have never really felt deeply drawn to one specific thing, and might be wondering “Do I even have a passion or purpose? Does the job I want even exist?”

You’ve got loads of passion, creativity and great ideas, but you’re feeling stuck or confused about the best place to channel it all. You might be wondering “What’s the core thing or area I should be focusing on? What if I make the wrong choice?”

You’ve been working for many years with a clear goal and purpose in mind, but suddenly it no longer fulfils you or gives you that boost in inspiration you need to keep going. You might be wondering “Was it all a waste? Am I being naive? What am I supposed to do now!?”

"I loved Heidi's intuitive, mindful approach to coaching. She helped me form a vision for my life by drawing upon my past, present and future selves. Heidi showed me how to create something I will be forever grateful for: a toolkit of personal practices that help me to consistently make fulfilling, healthy choices whatever life brings."






1 x 3-hour deep dive clarity call

3 x 60 min coaching calls

Live your purpose action plan

on Zoom with a 15 min break


delivered as an ebook after your 4 sessions

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