What is coaching

What is coaching?


In essence, coaching offers a space for sense-making of your experiences and choices in life. It supports you to gain more clarity on what you really want and need. It helps you to get to a deeper understanding of the world around and within you.


During coaching sessions, you are held in a unique and powerful space of deep self-reflection, away from the restrictions or pressures of everyday life. This brings to light what you most want to create or achieve, what you are ready to let go of, and the roadblocks that you perceive are standing in your way of happiness and soul-deep fulfilment.

Between sessions, you are encouraged to implement mini action steps that we created together. These are made up of gentle but significant choices, reflections and shifts in your lifestyle that will move you closer to your goals, while keeping you connected with the joy that’s available in your everyday life.

While it is a goal-centred type of personal development, the focus (and the magic!) is really in the journey.

During a coaching series, we will work for example on:

Creating specific goals

Working with your mindset

Defining a vision for your life

Goal setting is the backbone of any coaching experience as it helps you distill your vision into tangible and actionable steps. This makes everything ‘real and tangible’ and brings the forward movement and self-connection that is beautifully unique to coaching.

The narrative we tell ourselves about ourselves, about others, about life is a critical piece when it comes to personal development. Our mindset has the power to keep us stuck in inaction or radically propel us forward. This is why developing a relationship with your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions is a key element of my coaching services.

Whether this be your health and wellbeing, body, lifestyle, work, relationships or a mixture of it all, I’ll guide you to form an inspiring picture of what you really want to feel, have, do, be and experience.

Leveraging the power of mindfulness

Transforming your lifestyle


Our lifestyle is the sum of all the small daily choices. Subtle changes lead to improved outcomes and can therefore seriously shift our trajectory in life. With a focus on nutrition and wellbeing, at home and at work, you'll implement healthy habits that have the power to transform the way you care for yourself in every aspect of your life.

Being fully present in the here & now is the best way to shape your future. Mindfulness is a practice to focus your awareness on the present moment. Observing yourself and others without judgment can yield valuable insights.

The values that guide my coaching




I trust that it has been your personal choice to embark on a journey towards greater health, happiness and fulfillment. From this commitment stems the courage to step outside your comfort zone and try out something new. At any stage in the coaching process you are free and supported to identify and follow what you feel is good and true to you.

Coaching provides a space to better understand who we are and what truly matters to us. Authentically showing and sharing your feelings and thoughts in a coaching session is essential in the process of moving from fear, blockages and limitations to an abundant and fulfilled life. Authentically sharing my own values and truth is something I commit to as your coach.

Holding a safe space for you to grow and learn is my personal mission. Confidentiality, honesty and trust build the foundation for a successful coaching experience. Integrity for me is also about bringing our whole selves to the table. I'll support you to uncover the hidden parts of yourself, while offering my diverse skills and experience in service to your own growth.