Episode 47

5 things to get right during the festive season


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The festive season is nearly here! How are you feeling about it?

Self-care is most powerful when it responds to what you are experiencing in the moment. With this in mind, I’ve come up with a couple of things to avoid so you can cultivate a state of peace during the advent season.

Here are the 5 points I will explore during this episode:

1. Curating happiness instead of chasing perfectionism

2. Mindfulness instead of worrying about the state of the world

3. Conscious enjoyment instead of overindulgence

4. Selected social media detox instead of excessive media consumption

5. Getting out into nature instead of home office cocooning.


Holistic Leadership Coach Heidi Hauer shows you how to use intuitive tools and access life-changing mindset shifts that support you in leading an abundant, meaningful and successful life.

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